SAT – Mathematics test

SAT – Mathematics Test

The Mathematics Section


Time Content Item Types Score
70 min. (two 25-min. sections and one 20-min. section) Number and operations; algebra and functions; geometry; statistics, probability, and data analysis Five-choice multiple-choice questions and student-produced responses 200-800

The SAT includes mathematics topics from up through a third-year college preparatory course, such as exponential growth, absolute value, and functional notation. It also places emphasis on such topics as linear functions, manipulations with exponents, and properties of tangent lines. Important skills such as estimation and number sense are measured through the multiple-choice and student response (grid-in) questions.

May I use a calculator?

Yes. Students may use a four-function, scientific, or graphing calculator. The College Board recommends that students use a graphing (or at least a scientific) calculator for the SAT, although it’s still possible to solve every question without a calculator.

The mathematics section has two types of questions:

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