Best SAT Preparation Books

1. Material Direct From The Test Designer – Recommended that  you purchase prior to the course – This is NOT used during the course

The Official SAT Study Guide – ISBN: 13:978-0-87447-718-4


(This book includes 8 actual SAT exams. We recommend the use of the Official Online Course along with the book.)








2. Third Party Books To Complement And Supplement The Topics

McGraw-Hill’s Conquering the New SAT Math – ISBN: 0071452885

McGraw-Hill’s 12 SAT Practice Tests – ISBN: 0071475710

McGraw-Hill’s 400 Essential SAT Words – ISBN: 0071434941

3. Internally Generated Course Materials

Internally generated course materials allow us to tailor the course to the needs of individual classes and students.

The Importance Of Practice Testing:

Contrary to conventional wisdom, it is NOT “Practice that makes perfect”. Rather it is:

“Perfect practice that makes perfect.”

In other words, you must practice the specific execution of specific skills!

Practice testing is vitally important. Note that  the combined effect of these materials is that that you will be able to take a minimum of 20 SAT Practice Tests. You will take 3 full-length practice SAT tests during the course itself. You will be required to take an additional 3 tests for homework. We encourage that you start your prep early enough so that you will  have the opportunity to take advantage of all 20 practice tests.

Pre-Course Materials

We recommend that you print and try the Official SAT Practice test.

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