U.S. College Seminar – Montauk

“People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan!”

Two Great Seminars!!

1. U.S. college seminar – Richard Montauk

Who: Richard Montauk

Author of: How To Get Into The Top Colleges


When: TBA

Where: Toronto, Ontario – Two Sections

This is a rare opportunity to learn from and get advice from one of the most well known admissions consultants in the United States.  Every year many applicants to U.S. colleges are not accepted to the college or university of their choice. In many cases, there is nothing wrong with the applicant. It is the application that needs work!

The Richard Montauk seminar is free to past, present and future students in our Toronto SAT Preparation Courses. Others may receive an invitation to attend for a modest investment of $40 (which can be credited towards the fee for our SAT course).

2. Personal Statement Workshop – John Richardson

Mastering The Personal Statement

Mastering The Personal Statement

All  Toronto SAT course participants are invited to this special event, which is conducted by John Richardson (author of Mastering The Personal Statement).

To receive an invitation to either of these seminars email us at: satreasoningprep@gmail.com

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