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How To Register For The SAT Reasoning Test We have been receiving a number of calls from people who are confused about how to actually register for the SAT and to take the SAT in Canada. Please remember that registration in our Toronto SAT Preparation Course does not register you for the SAT.

You must register for the SAT Reasoning Test separately. When registering for the SAT, the College divides registrants into two categories – “U.S.” and “International”. Canada is considered to be “International”. The March SAT is typically not available “internationally”. Therefore, Canadians wishing to take the March SAT must choose a U.S. test center.

How To Register For The SAT Reasoning Test:

1. Go to the College Board Page for International Registrants – you will find it here.

2. Click on “Register Now”. You will end up here.

3. You must know either sign in to your account or create a new account.

Please note that registration in our SAT course is different from registration for the actual SAT Reasoning Test. Other than providing you with this information, we are unable to assist you with your actual registration for the SAT.

Please be aware that there are deadlines for SAT test registration.

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