ACT Private tutoring – Toronto

Note: If you are applying to a U.S. College or University you may be required to take the SAT. Toronto SAT tutoring is available.

If you are applying to an Ontario independent or private school  you may be required to take the SSAT.  Toronto SSAT tutoring is available.

About the ACTWhy would you be required to take the ACT?

Option 1 – Private Tutoring

Although our class sizes are small, we do recognize that there may be students, who because of time or personality prefer private SAT tutoring.

Option 2 – Create Your Own Small Group Tutoring

Would you and a friend like to receive tutoring together? This is an option for you.

If you wish to pursue either option for all or part of the SAT or ACT tutoring:

Contact us with your name and phone number at:

sattreasoningprep [at] gmail dot com

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