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About SAT Reasoning Test Preparation Courses and SAT Tutoring – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Welcome To The SAT Reasoning Test

If you are applying to a U.S. college or university, you will almost certainly be required to take either the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT. In many cases, either admission or scholarships will depend on a satisfactory test score. Few Canadian students have had experience with the kind of sophisticated multiple-choice that characterizes these tests. Your score on the SAT or ACT will be a function of the effectiveness of your preparation. This site is to help you maximize your score! We will help you with live SAT courses, SAT tutoring and free SAT reasoning test preparation.

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What Is The SAT Reasoning Test?

The College Board describes their SAT program as follows (visit www.ets.org):
“The College Board’s SAT Program consists of the SAT Reasoning TestTM (SAT) and SAT Subject TestsTM. The SAT is three hours and 45 minutes long and measures skills in three areas: critical reading, math, and writing. Although most questions are multiple choice, students are also required to write a 25-minute essay.

The SAT Subject Tests are one-hour, mostly multiple-choice tests in specific subjects. These tests measure knowledge of particular subjects and the ability to apply that knowledge. Many colleges require or recommend one or more of these tests for admission or placement purposes.”

It is important to note that our SAT Reasoning Test Preparation Courses and all information on this site pertain to the SAT Reasoning Test and NOT to the subject tests. If you are applying to all school that requires a subject test, you will be made aware of it.

What Are SAT Reasoning Test Preparation Courses – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Live SAT Test Preparation Courses

We offer live SAT test preparation courses before most SAT administrations. You will find complete information on this site. Our courses are effective, comprehensive and include all course materials.

Free SAT Test Preparation – See the links on this site

Although effective SAT preparation is essential, we realize that not everyone is willing to invest in paid SAT preparation courses. If you are preparing on your own, you are urged to stick with the preparation material that comes directly from the SAT program. You will find references to:

SAT question of the day

The Official SAT Study Guide

The Official SAT Online Course

Official SAT Practice Test
In any case, we wish you the best. If you like, come to one of our free SAT test information Sessions. (We will even give you a free copy of The Perfect Score).

If you have questions please email us at: satreasoningprep [at] gmail dot com.

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