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The SSAT and Admission To Ontario Private Schools

Those applying to U.S. Colleges and Universities are required to take the SAT or the SAT. We offer both Toronto SAT tutoring and Toronto ACT tutoring.

Those applying to Ontario private and independent schools may be required to take the SSAT. This page describes our Toronto SSAT tutoring options.

A large number of  Ontario private and independent schools require an admission test as part of the application process. The SSAT (“Secondary School Admission Test”) is often the test of choice. The SSAT was adopted in Ontario in the early 1980s. Since that time a large number of Ontario private and independent schools require the SSAT as part of their application process.

About The SSAT

“The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is a multiple-choice aptitude test for students in grades 5-11. The test consists of verbal, quantitative (math) and reading comprehension sections. The verbal questions test your vocabulary, verbal reasoning, and ability to relate ideas logically. The quantitative (math) questions test your ability to solve problems involving arithmetic, elementary algebra and geometry and concepts. The reading comprehension section tests your ability to understand what you read. All tests are printed in English.

In addition, the test includes a writing sample portion, which asks you to respond to a topic statement. Your essay is not graded, but a copy accompanies each SSAT score report you have sent to a school or consultant.”

“The SSAT measures student ability. It is not an achievement test; therefore, it acts as a common denominator for schools in measuring a student’s academic capabilities, regardless of his or her school record. When used for admission by independent schools, the test is only one piece of information that is considered. Schools also review the applicant’s school grades, extracurricular participation, teacher recommendations, essays and interview results. SSAT scores, however, do carry some weight in varying degrees among independent schools. Consequently, you should be as prepared to take the test as possible.”


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SSAT Tutoring and Preparation

We  offer SSAT private (or create your own small group) tutoring sessions for all sections of the SSAT.

Our SSAT tutoring will be done by a summer intern with our company who:

– graduated from the elite TOPS program in Toronto

– has experience with the application process for the U.S. Ivy League Universities;

– was accepted to Harvard, Yale and Princeton and is attending Harvard on a full academic scholarship

This is a fantastic opportunity to improve your SAT test score and get a “head start” on the application (which is a job in itself)

For information please email: satreasoningprep at gmail dot com and please include your telephone number.

Location: Downtown Toronto

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